StopPlastics’ volunteer suggests some tweaks to the great War Amps Key Service

April 22, 2023

War Amps Key Service: a great program but needs some tweaking. StopPlastics’ volunteer JV writes to the War Amps in support and with a timely suggestion or two. Her email:

Good day
I support your key service, although not with a huge donation, (there just so many good causes to support!). I think the key service is fabulous.

I would however request that you look at renewing old tags. With the climate crisis and issues around the manufacture and disposal of plastics why replace something that does not warrant disposal? My Costco card is ancient but renewal. It does not get replaced yearly. Apart from a good move for the environment this is a good cost cutting measure for War Amps.

Furthermore I request that you stop sending me plastic stickers. I do not want them and they end up in landfill. I have hundreds of return labels that I do not need. We hardly use snail mail. In short, it may be time to evaluate these fundraisers. Are they outdated?

Keep up the good work!

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