StopPlastics responds to Toronto Star article of April 18, 2023 “Paper won’t solve the plastic problem — yet. Heavy reliance on forests may not be sustainable”

StopPlastics’ volunteer ML felts compelled to remind Star readers that there are alternatives to paper and plastic bags. Here’s her response to the editor of the Toronto Star published April 23, 2023:

Use cloth totes instead of plastic

I stopped using plastic bags (shopping bags, produce bags, etc.) more than 20 years ago and have never looked back.

Many of my reusable bags are made from old textiles and fabrics and these bags are still in service. There are an abundance of reusable bags in circulation, as many businesses and organizations hand them out as promotional material and I am pretty sure most people have a stash of these bags. No need for paper or plastic.

The same goes for takeout containers. When picking up takeout I simply bring containers from home and most establishments are only too happy to fill my personal, reusable vessels. We need to rethink the way we do business and take a stand against unnecessary packaging and waste.

ML, Etobicoke”

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