StopPlastics booth at EcoFair

November 7, 2021, 1:00pm – 2:30pm

StopPlastics hosted a virtual booth at the EcoFair.  Visitors were treated to an excellent film short created by one of our volunteers (you can view it now on our homepage) wherein you were able to learn what the plastic industry doesn’t want you to know about plastic. Although short, it addresses almost everything a citizen needs to know.  We asked for your feedback and comments about plastic waste in order to plot our way forward. By airing this film short we hoped to thwart the plastic’s industry efforts to make plastic even more ubiquitous than it is already.

The EcoFair people also arranged a panel around the film “Microplastic Madness”.  One of our volunteers was a panelist and did an outstanding job expressing the StopPlastics’ perspective.

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