StopPlastics’ Bird Festival

May 28, 2022
Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Etobicoke

StopPlastics had a wonderful day at the Annual Bird Festival at Colonel Sam Smith Park!  Lots of sun and a perfect temperature.

Here are some highlights:

  • Two of our volunteers constructed a replica of an eagle’s nest in the crotch of a sumac. It’s a wonder to behold.  Actual eagles will nest in these human made structures although not in ours as it’s too low and quite a bit smaller than they need.  The nest was a big hit at the festival.
  • Our tent was very well attended.  People really, really, really want plastic bans.  We were busy for the entire 4 hours non-stop, talking about turtles, eagles, and, of course, plastic.  We got a lot of postcards signed to send to City Council 
  • Thanks to generous donors, we raised  a nice amount for the Turtle Conservation Centre.
  • City Staff could not have been more helpful and accomodating.
  • The City is doing a fantastic job reforesting areas in South Etobicoke with native plants and they were giving away native  trees and shrubs.
  • We met so many enthusiastic, caring and interesting people. 
  • We met educators who  will be bringing the StopPlastics message to their classrooms.

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