Rally to Stop Big Plastic

Tuesday, March 7, 2023
12 noon to 1 pm
Federal Court in Toronto – 180 Queen St. West

Dow Chemical, Imperial Oil and Nova Chemicals are taking the Canadian government to court to try to stop the federal regulation listing plastic as a toxic substance under CEPA. Hasn’t Big Oil seen our beaches, the state of the oceans, the wildlife trapped by plastics? StopPlastics was honoured and pleased to be a part of the rally against Big Plastic (Big Oil, same thing) on Tues March 7th along with Oceana Canada, Animal Justice and Environmental Defence. We need regulations and limitations on plastic!

Our own StopPlastics volunteer Jay, was invited to the mic to state our position regarding plastics ie we must stop it at its source for the sake of the oceans, the lakes and all living things. Jay was also interviewed by the CBC. Regretfully that clip that didn’t make it to air.

We can’t allow this travesty against nature continue!

Many thanks to Michael Kirkby for letting us use his great photos and most of all, for being a supporter along with all the other caring Torontonians who showed up in support of stopping big plastic.

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