Plastic membership cards no longer at ROM!

January 18, 2023

Letter sent to ROM by StopPlastics member and ROM’s positive response

One of StopPlastics tenacious members judiciously calls out purveyors of unnecessary plastic. She reports having sent missives to: the Globe and Mail about the disconnect people have with the plastic bag ban; some people will refuse the reusable shopping bags but reach for plastic produce bags. Meanwhile at the ROM they enlighten us about the deleterious effects of plastic on marine life but continue to provide plastic membership cards. At Mark’s Work Wearhouse our member couldn’t get a cash receipt, only a one-time plastic gift card. All these cards add up!

Finally, some good news! The ROM replied to say they are no longer providing those ubiquitous plastic cards.

Here’s how the conversation unfolded:

Letter sent to ROM:

I do not understand why the ROM issues me a new plastic membership card every time I renew my membership. Costco does not.

There is a huge disconnect when the ROM provides new PLASTIC membership cards and then tries to educate the public on the effects of plastic on the environment and marine and bird wildlife.

For years I have complained about this and my message has not gotten to the right ears, someone who cares and someone who can make a difference.

This is cringe worthy and in fact shameful!!  I am hoping to get a response and see a positive change.”

Response from ROM:

I hope you are well. 

Thank you for reaching out to express concerns around our plastic membership cards. I appreciate your feedback very much.

 I wanted to let you know that we will be eliminating the plastic cards and moving to digital cards in the very near future. We are also working on a recycling program where Members can either drop off or mail in their old cards once they have shifted to digital cards. Details on all of this will be coming in February. 

Thank you again for sharing your feedback and thank you for your continued support of ROM!”

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