End Climate Delay/Day of Action

June 29, 2022
Front of MP James Maloney’s office, 1092 Islington Avenue

I think I can say the StopPlastics members who attended the “End Climate Delay” rally in front of MP Maloney’s office were inspired and energized by the small but intense group that assembled there. A huge thank-you to the organizers, Toronto350 and Etobicoke Climate Action for arranging such a well thought out event and for not letting us or our elected officials forget that we are in the throws of a climate emergency.

The organizers thought of everything. They provided signs for us to hold up that read “End Climate Delay”. We held them up to the traffic on Islington Avenue along with our StopPlastics banner and were gratified to receive so many appreciative honks. The organizers had installed a sound system and even had a megaphone. The speeches were brutally honest and inspiring.

Rally participants were also invited to come to the mic . StopPlastics was glad to have the opportunity to talk about the connection between ghg emissions and the plastics waste crisis. Eventually Minister Maloney came and gave a short talk about his government’s position on climate. He bravely stayed to field questions. I say bravely, because this group of educated and passionate attendees were not impressed with the mediocre plans the current Liberal government has to address the climate crisis, just as StopPlastics is not impressed with the announcement to ban a meagre 6 plastic single use items

The take-away? We humans truly have to change our course and change it drastically. We simply can’t go on behaving as we do.

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