Earth Day Celebration Turtle Celebration

April 23, 2022
Humber Bay Shores Park, Etobicoke

It was a raw and rainy day but that didn’t deter all the determined and wonderful people who came out in support of a healthy, plastic free habitat for turtles. I think we were all very dismayed, not by the weather so much as the extent of the plastic problem. The beaches were simply awash in plastic bits. So thanks to everyone who participated either in person or behind the scenes to tackle this environmental disaster.

Together we created an awesome ephemeral turtle sculpture, who will return to the lake leaving no footprint behind since he/she is constructed entirely of organic beach debris such as driftwood. Actually Scott created the stunning turtle sculpture. We collected a disturbing amount of plastics, filled at least 3 burlap bags, met the hale and hearty people from “Toronto Adventures”, a group that leads canoeing and kayaking tours up and down the Humber River. They arrived in kayaks, grabbed some bags and left only to return with bags of plastic a couple of hours later.

We also had a fantastic turtle information tri-fold and turtle pamphlets from the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, a “turtle drinking water” bottle meant to illustrate the state of the water that wildlife has to contend with, beautiful posters and social media material, a nice big tent, burlap bags in lieu of plastic ones, cookies (a big hit).

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