Shocking findings on the shores of Lake Ontario

Plastic pollution is a huge concern for everyone but the severity of the problem is particularly noticeable for those of us who, like Torontonians, live near waterways. This 4 minute video highlights local resident David Kennedy’s discoveries as he walk along the beach in Samuel Smith Park in South Etobicoke.

Torontonians and all North Americans have a duty to honour the integrity of Lake Ontario and the Great Lakes. Please consider signing the petition on our take action page to advocate for an expanded ban on plastics in Toronto.

Our Mission

StopPlastics, a volunteer grassroots organization, works to reduce the personal consumption of single-use plastic by raising awareness and educating the public and all levels of government. StopPlastics advocates for strong laws regulating the production, use and disposal of plastics. This is what we are demanding/asking of Toronto City Council.

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StopPlastics responds to Toronto Star article of April 18, 2023 “Paper won’t solve the plastic problem — yet. Heavy reliance on forests may not be sustainable”

StopPlastics’ volunteer ML felts compelled to remind Star readers that there are alternatives to paper and plastic bags. Here’s her…
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