StopPlastics wants to spread the word that we humans are smothering ourselves and the natural world in plastic. The video includes an animated short created by the Story of Stuff people entitled “The Story of Plastic” and goes on to describe what actions StopPlastics has taken and intends to continue to take to address the plastic pollution catastrophe. Our intention is to inspire change! Please note that this video was produced for the EcoFair Toronto 2021 Zoom event so our request at the start of the film that people put comments into the chat no longer applies.

Our Mission

StopPlastics is a Toronto volunteer group that advocated for a ban on plastic bags in Toronto as a first step in reducing plastic waste.

Some success (we thought)* came in October 2020 when we welcomed the news that the federal government was planning a Canada wide ban on six types of single use plastic; plastic grocery bags, straws, six-pack rings, stir sticks, cutlery and some take out containers. The bans were scheduled to come into effect by the end of 2021 but they’ve since been delayed until 2024!

But what the government is proposing is not enough. StopPlastics believes that all types of single use plastic be banned including non-grocery store bags, water bottles, food packaging, plastic cups and lids, coffee cups, cigarette filters, etc. Read our submission to the latest round of consultations here (PDF).

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