StopPlastics wants to spread the word that we humans are smothering ourselves and the natural world in plastic. The video includes an animated short created by the Story of Stuff people entitled “The Story of Plastic” and goes on to describe what actions StopPlastics has taken and intends to continue to take to address the plastic pollution catastrophe. Our intention is to inspire change! Please note that this video was produced for the EcoFair Toronto 2021 Zoom event so our request at the start of the film that people put comments into the chat no longer applies.

Our Mission

StopPlastics, a volunteer grassroots organization, works to reduce the personal consumption of single-use plastic by raising awareness and educating the public and all levels of government. StopPlastics advocates for strong laws regulating the production, use and disposal of plastics. This is what we are demanding/asking of Toronto City Council.

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StopPlastics responds to Toronto Star article of April 18, 2023 “Paper won’t solve the plastic problem — yet. Heavy reliance on forests may not be sustainable”

StopPlastics’ volunteer ML felts compelled to remind Star readers that there are alternatives to paper and plastic bags. Here’s her…
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