What You Can Do

  • Check "upcoming events" on the homepage for information about current campaigns 
  • Contact your MP and let them know that while you are encouraged by the federal government proposal to ban some types of single use plastic, the proposed bans on plastic grocery bags, straws, six-pack rings, stir sticks, cutlery and some take out containers does not go far enough.  We need bans  on all types of single use plastic be banned including non-grocery store bags, water bottles, food packaging, plastic cups and lids, coffee cups, cigarette filters, etc.
  • Contact your MPP  and tell them that in their new proposed regulations for the blue box,  Ontario needs to:

Include plastics and packaging that are created by the business and industrial sectors, which are responsible for nearly two-thirds of Ontario’s waste generation and disposal;

Set high and detailed diversion targets to ensure producers can’t ignore the hardest-to-recycle materials and to encourage reduction and redesign;

Include specific recycling standards to make sure that materials are going to the highest and most valuable uses, and are free from toxic chemicals and additives;

Include mechanisms to prevent toxic substances from contaminating recycling systems and recycled materials; and


Ensure that comprehensive and standardized recycling is available for all Ontarians, no matter where they live, work, and play.


Reduce, reuse, recycle, replace

  • Stop using bottled water other than for essential purposes (e.g. as a source of water during an extreme weather event)
  • Reduce your household's use of disposable plastics
  • Use reusable bags and recycle your old plastic bags.
  • At your workplace get management to ban water bottles and other non-reusable plastic products (other than for essential purposes such as in hospitals.)