Toronto Councillors need to know that their constituents want bans on single-use plastic. To this end StopPlastics has a postcard campaign asking for a ban on plastic bags as a first step to reducing plastic. Toronto residents are provided with a postcard to write a message to their councilor explaining why such a ban is important to them. Postcards are then returned to us for delivery.

StopPlastics volunteers are collecting these postcards to present them to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee in early May 2020 when they will be presented with recommendations resulting from phase 2 of consultations on Reducing Single-Use Takeaway Items. We want to make sure that Councillors understand that Torontonians want them to act decisively and implement bans to stem the use of single-use plastic. NUMBERS MATTER.

Send the city a strong message saying that we need strong regulations to halt plastic pollution.

If you want to send an eMail to your councillor, you can find their email address here.


Hover your mouse over the ward to see the number of residents who have signed our postcards.  Use this list for more information about the wards.