Thank-you to everyone who took the time to sign our online petition asking Toronto City Council to vote for a ban on single use plastic bags. Signatures were delivered October 15, 2018, along with this accompanying letter, to members of the former 44 seat City Council. The City's consultation on reducing single-use and takeaway items ended October 28, 2018. The City will be reporting back to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee early in 2019. Hopefully, a ban on plastic bags will be one of their recommendations and, propelled by public pressure, City Council will vote in favour of such a ban as a first start in our campaign against plastic.

However, a ban is not guaranteed so please sign our petition in support of a plastic bag ban. 

Ban Plastic Bags in Toronto

“Canadians use between 9 and 15 billion plastic bags a year or enough to circle the globe 55 times” – Greener Footprints

We are advocating for a ban on plastic bags in Toronto.

Help us to encourage Toronto City Council to take the crucial first step to reduce plastic pollution by enacting a ban on plastic bags. Toronto will join other forward-thinking Canadian cities, such as Montreal and Victoria, to lead Canadians towards alternative and reusable methods.

In the Great Lakes, over 22 million pounds of plastic contaminate the water each year. Recent studies have revealed that microplastics—plastics which have broken down into tiny pieces—are currently polluting our drinking water.

We want to put an end to the production and consumption of plastic bags in Toronto.

Help us initiate this plastic bag ban in Toronto by signing this petition, which will send a clear message to Toronto City Council that enough is enough. Due to the health risks and environmental impact of plastic bags, this is a pressing matter that needs to be resolved now.

Let’s show our councillors that the legacy of our children is an environment free from plastic pollution and its ill effects. Sign the petition now.